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Can Pornography Be Made “Worthwhile”?
December 18, 2018

Increasing evidence suggests that pornography use may cause individual and relational distress. A recent meta-analysis suggested that male pornography use in particular may have small-but-consistent negative links with relationship and sexual dissatisfaction. As such evidence accumulates, scholars and other advocates who wish to promote pornography use as a healthy expression of individual sexuality have shifted…

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Sexting: Cause for Concern or Nothing to Worry About?
December 13, 2017

Sexting – the electronic sending of sexually explicit material to acquaintances, friends, or significant others – is a growing trend among youth. While a 2012 survey suggested that only a minority of adolescents sext, the growing popularity of portable electronic devices has elevated the cultural awareness of this behavior. As is common with growing trends…

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Thinking in Black and White: A Response to the Claim that Religiosity Cause the Harms of Pornography
July 30, 2017

The topic of pornography has become one of the latest cultural wars brewing among academics and policy makers.  Debates regard the positive and negative correlates of pornography use, as well as the viability or existence of “pornography addiction,” have spurred numerous debates over the last several years.  Recently, Dr. David Ley has again weighed in…

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Does Acceptance Cure All? Recent Evidence against the Social Acceptance Hypothesis
July 14, 2017

Scholars have long argued that sexual minorities are at higher risk for lower mental health and well-being as a result of the social stigma they feel—and the lack of support they receive—from their communities and families. It’s called the social acceptance hypothesis: people need social and community support to help them feel accepted which in…

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