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Does Marriage Matter for Health, or do Healthier People Marry?
September 25, 2018

In a fascinating study appearing in the June 2018 issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family, two Ohio State University scholars aim to answer whether marriage improves people’s general physical and emotional health, or whether healthier people are simply more apt to marry in the first place. Social scientists have long held that marriage…

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Study Claims “It Got Worse” After Obergefell
July 5, 2018

In a study first appearing online in JAMA Psychiatry on May 23, five public health scholars report that “state laws permitting denial of services to same-sex couples” are associated with mental distress in sexual minority adults who live in those states in a way not visible in surrounding states. The study received a significant media…

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Polyamory: Complicated New Identity or Primarily About Sex?
April 25, 2018

A study of consensual, overlapping sex partners unwittingly reveals the strengths of monogamy. In an open access article in PLOS One published in mid-2017, a series of psychologists — drawing on a convenience, opt-in survey of 3,530 persons — describe what is known about the community of self-identified polyamorous individuals. Polyamory, for those who aren’t in the…

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Male Contraceptives Would Effectively Castrate Those Who Take Them
March 28, 2018

I had a piece in The Federalist yesterday that may be of interest to Unskewed readers: When news broke last week about a seemingly successful test of a new birth control possibility for men, there was no shortage of interest. What was in short supply, however, was the application of basic reason, understanding, and a sense…

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