Can Pornography Be Made “Worthwhile”?
December 18, 2018

Increasing evidence suggests that pornography use may cause individual and relational distress. A recent meta-analysis suggested that male pornography use in particular may have small-but-consistent negative links with relationship and sexual dissatisfaction. As such evidence accumulates, scholars and other advocates who wish to promote pornography use as a healthy expression of individual sexuality have shifted…

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No Long-Term Harm? The New Scientific Silence on Child-Adult Sex and the Age of Consent
September 19, 2017

Two new studies use a small amount of old data to try to undermine the idea that it is abusive or damaging for adults to have sex with minors. Disturbingly, no one seems to be challenging this conclusion. The Archives of Sexual Behavior, a journal I respect and have recently published in and reviewed for,…

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